Palestine and Latin America: Lina Meruane’s Volverse Palestina and Nathalie Handal’s La Estrella Invisible.

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English & Comparative Literature Department

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Tahia Abdel Nasser

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Research Article

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Journal of Postcolonial Writing

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This article examines representations of Palestine through the literary, cultural and political landscapes between the Arab world and Latin America in which Palestine has figured in new ways. It examines the connections between Palestine and Latin America, focusing on Lina Meruane’s memoir Volverse Palestina (Becoming Palestine, 2013), where the Chilean writer of Palestinian descent looks back at or crosses into Palestine, and the imaginative intertwinings of Bethlehem, Haiti and the Dominican Republic in the poetry of Palestinian US-based writer Nathalie Handal. Drawing on growing scholarship on literary and cultural ties between Latin America and the Arab world, this article explores the role of Palestine in Latin American literature, not only as a representation of immigrant communities and a cultural heritage, but also as part of a perception of Palestine within a broader global context.

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