جورج حنين: نموذجاﹰ لسيريالي مصري / Georges Henein: An Egyptian Surrealist


Bashir El Sibai



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السباعى, بشير; El-Sibaʿi, Bashir

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Research Article

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Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics

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[This article focuses on Georges Henein's works and activities. Georges Henein (1913-1973) is a well known surrealist poet and critic. Both his work and activities express a definite ambition to change life. The article traces the emergence of the surrealistic movement in Egypt- almost contemporary to French surrealism-within the background of the different and complex development that Egypt witnessed in its recent history especially on the intellectual level. The article also explains the national and international/global conditions that helped the emergence of the Art and Freedom Group in which Georges Henein played an active role in its establishment. The article traces the activities of this group in Egyptian cultural life and its contribution to a trend emphasizing democratic modernism. The article tackles Georges Henein's creative works in French, highlighting the Egyptian surrealist's vision concerning poetry and the discourse of dreams. It, also, investigates Georges Henein's critical writings which condemn compromise with reality and the subjection of art to party interests, egoism, and the submission to the tyranny of means. Furthermore, the article highlights Georges Henein's contribution in introducing modernistic trends in visual arts in Egypt as well as introducing Leftist democratic political thought- unconnected to Stalinism-to the Egyptian political scene, during and after the Second World War.]

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