Valorization and extraction optimization of Citrus seeds for food and functional food applications

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172116086-SFB 926

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Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung

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Research Article

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Food Chemistry

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Valorization of food byproducts has attracted recently considerable attention. Citrus fruits provide considerable non-edible residues reach 80% in juice production. They are considered agri-wastes to comprise peel, pulp and seeds. Previous investigations have focused on peel and pulp to recover value-added products. The review presents for the first-time phytochemical composition of Citrus seeds’ products, i.e., oil and extracts. Fatty acids, phytosterols and tocopherols amounted as the major bioactives in Citrus seeds, in addition to limonoids, dietary fibers and flavonoids. Besides their nutritional values, these chemicals have promising applications including production of biodiesel, food enhancers and antioxidants, especially from mandarin and grapefruit seeds. Optimum conditions of the different Citrus seeds' valorization are discussed to improve extraction yield and lessen environmental hazards of solvent extraction. This review presents the best utilization practices for one of the largest cultivated fruit seeds worldwide and its different applications.

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