The Electroporation Response of Normal and Malignant White Blood Cells

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National Radio Science Conference, NRSC, Proceedings

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An electric stimulus pulse with a sufficient amplitude can lead to electroporation of intracellular cell organelles. In this paper, we need to extract the cell response under the effect of the electric stimulus pulse. This response can be an indication to know how we define the appropriate conditions for electroporation the selected cell. The electroporation considers avital source for the drug delivery and therapeutical method. So, we represent a mathematical model can define white blood cell response. The study target to show suitable and the appropriate conditions for the electric stimulus signal to communicate with normal and malignant cells. The electroporation modelling in this study focuses on two main critical features to differentiate between the different categories of white blood cells. The two main selected features are the cell membrane potential and analysis for the density of the pores as function in the applied the electric field. To enhance the study, we add more features such as the charging time and settle voltage. This mathematical model used to represent a solution for Laplace's formula for the electric field potential, and the formula for the concentrations of the pores using COMSOL Multiphysics.

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