Applications of honey bee optimization in reservoir engineering assisted history matching

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Research Article

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Proceedings - SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition

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Bee colony optimization technique is a stochastic population-based optimization algorithm inspired by the natural optimization behavior shown by honey bees during searching for food. Bee colony optimization algorithm has been successfully applied to various real-world optimization problems mostly in routing, transportation, and scheduling fields. This paper introduces the bee colony optimization method as the optimization technique in reservoir engineering assisted history matching procedure. The superiority of the proposed optimization algorithm is validated by comparing its performance with two other advanced nature-inspired optimization techniques (genetic and particle swarm optimization algorithms) in three synthetic assisted history matching problems. In addition, this paper presents the application of the bee colony optimization technique in assisting the history match of a full field reservoir simulation model of a mature gas-cap reservoir with 28 years of history. The resultant history matched model is compared with those obtained using a manual history matching procedure and using the most widely applied optimization algorithm used in assisted history matching commercial software tools. The results of this work indicate that employing the bee colony algorithm as the optimization technique in the assisted history matching workflow yields noticeable enhancement in terms of match quality and time required to achieve a reasonable match.

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