Self-Supporting Design of NiS/CNTs Nanohybrid for Advanced Electrochemical Energy Storage Applications

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American University in Cairo

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Chemistry Department

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Research Article

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Journal of Cluster Science

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In this study, a novel NiS/CNTs nanohybrid with a higher specific capacity and cyclic performance was fabricated as an anodic material for supercapacitor applications. The NiS/CNTs nanohybrid was furnished on the three-dimensional nickel foam (NF) to prepare a novel electrode with a self-supporting design. The NiS/CNTs electrode, with its hybrid composition, larger surface area, self-supporting design and improved electrical conductivity, provides a higher gravimetric capacity of 732F/g@1Ag−1. Application studies have shown that NiS/CNTs electrodes not only have good gravimetric ability, but also have considerable cyclic performance and activity due to their hybrid composition and self-supporting design. More precisely, the NiS/CNTs@NF electrode lost only 4.9% of its gravimetric capacity after 3000 continuous galvanostatic discharge (GCD) cycles, indicating its exceptional cyclic performance. In addition, the manufactured hybrid electrode maintains a gravimetric capacity of approximately 84.5%, even if the applied current density is increased fivefold. The impedance results indicated that the electrochemical reaction between the NiS/CNTs and the electrolyte is more rapid and highly reversible. Based on the findings from the electrochemical study, the NiS/CNTs@NF electrode appears to be a promising candidate for practical applications in advanced energy storage devices.

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