Yucca schidigera usage for healthy aquatic animals: Potential roles for sustainability

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In modern aquaculture systems, farmers are increasing the stocking capacity of aquatic organisms to develop the yield and maximize water resources utilization. However, the accumulation of ammonia in fishponds regularly occurs in intensive aquaculture systems, resulting in reduced growth rates and poor health conditions. The inclusion of yucca extract is recognized as a practical solution for adsorbing the waterborne ammonia. Yucca has abundant amounts of polyphenolics, steroidal saponins, and resveratrol and can be used as a solution or as a powder. In this context, this review aimed to investigate the possible regulatory roles of yucca extract on aquatic animals’ performances. Concurrently, the feed utilization, growth performance, and physiological status of aquatic species can be improved. Additionally, the yucca application resulted in enhancing the antioxidative, immunological, and anti-inflammatory responses in several aquatic animals. Exclusively, the present review proposed a protective solution through the application of yucca extract in the aquafeed and rearing water of aquatic animals suffering from ammonia accumulation. Furthermore, it shows how yucca could enhance the growth, survival rates, blood biochemical quality, immunological indices, and the antioxidative capacity of aquatic animals in light of the relevant published data.

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