How do coffee substitutes compare to coffee? A comprehensive review of its quality characteristics, sensory characters, phytochemicals, health benefits and safety

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Research Article

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Food Bioscience

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Coffee is one of the most popular beverages used worldwide owing to its rich flavor and several health effects. Nevertheless, its caffeine content renders its use rather limited for certain individuals warranting for the development of coffee substitutes with similar flavor though with other health effects. Several coffee substitutes are present in the market belonging to different plant organs to encompass a myriad of phytoconstituents. The production of these coffee substitutes expose them to roasting to mimic that of coffee aroma and flavor, concurrent with chemical changes. This review provides state of the art on reported plants used as coffee substitutes with regards to its quality characteristics, sensory characters, chemical composition, health benefits and to rationalize for its choice as coffee substitute. Further, impact of roasting, as well as health hazards associated with such chemical changes in these substitutes is presented for the first time.

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