Leveraging Earables for Natural Calibration-Free Multi-Device Identification in Smart Environments

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Research Article

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HotMobile 2021 - Proceedings of the 22nd International Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications

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We present Look&Lock: a novel ubiquitous system that utilizes BLE communication between smart appliances in the environment and earables worn by the user to track head orientation and determine which device she is looking at. By harnessing this information, it is possible to lock on that device in a multi-device environment and allow only it to respond to user gestures without ambiguity. Our system leverages commercial off-the-shelf earables to provide accurate training-free head orientation tracking that is robust in different room settings. We implement a prototype using Android phones and eSense, a commercially available multi-sensory personal earable device. Our evaluation shows that Look&Lock can correctly identify devices inside a user's field of view with accuracy up to 100% and is robust to different configurations and room settings.

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