From flabby to fit: Restructuring the public broadcasting system in Egypt

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Journalism & Mass Communication Department

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Research Article

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Global Media and Communication

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The Egyptian public broadcaster, newly named the National Media Council (NMC), has been under pressure to undergo comprehensive restructuring. Many changes have taken place recently to enable this transformation. Through analysing financial reports, evaluating the new regulatory framework and conducting in-depth interviews, this study examines the likelihood of the NMC adapting to the recent changes and the extent to which the new regulatory framework promotes a public service system suggesting a model for implementation. Findings show that the NMC must respond to four main challenges: lack of strategic vision and identity, a centralized regime power structure, an acute financial deficit, and a weak digital presence. Interviewees evaluated the new regulatory framework as inexhaustive with an intention to maintain grip on power. Interviewees proposed an integrated decentralized model that combines the public service mission with private partnership.

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