Towards Cs-ion supercapacitors: Cs intercalation in polymorph MoS2as a model 2D electrode material

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Chemical Communications

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Intercalation of alkali metals has proved to be an effective approach for the enhancement of the energy storage performance in layered-2D materials. However, the research so far has been limited to Li and Na ion intercalation with K ions being recently investigated. Although cesium (Cs) salts are highly soluble in water, Cs+intercalation has been addressed neither in batteries nor in supercapacitors so far. Herein, we demonstrate the exceptional effect of Cs+intercalation in MoS2as a model 2D material to boost its performance as a potential supercapacitor electrode. Cs+intercalation was found to stabilize the metastable 1T phase and increase the conductivity of the 2H and 3R phases. Cs+-Intercalated 1T MoS2showed higher quantum capacitance (CQ) than doped graphene.

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