Generation of Shakedown Boundaries of Thin-Walled 90-Deg Scheduled Pipe Bends Determined Via Large and Small Displacement Finite Element Models

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Mechanical Engineering Department

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Research Article

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Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, Transactions of the ASME

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The present research investigates the effect of employing large displacement in finite element modeling on the generated shakedown (SD) boundaries of thin-walled 90-deg scheduled pipe bends. A recently developed methodology termed: shakedown limit - plastic work dissipation (SDLimit-PWD) method generates the SD boundaries via employing the large displacement in the finite element (FE) simulations. Additionally, a well-established direct noncyclic technique termed: shakedown direct noncyclic technique (SD_DNT) generates the SD boundaries via employing the small displacement formulation in the FE simulations. Comparing the SD boundaries generated via both methods illustrated a marked increase in the generated SD domains due to employing large displacement.

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