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Journalism & Mass Communication Department

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Research Article

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Sage Open

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Summer 7-2021



This study examines the future of TV and online video platforms in the evolving Egyptian market through using the predictors of use and interaction. Built on the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology, and the theory of technology discontinuities and platforms development, this study extends its framework to explore the relationship between the intention of use and the interaction with content behavior. A sample size of 396 university students answered the survey questions. Unlike other studies, the study found that the perceived ease of use (PEU) is the only variable that is positively correlated to the intention to use online video platforms, yet it shows a significant positive relationship between consumer characteristics (including instrumental orientation [IO], perceived behavioral control [PBC], online flow experience [FLOW]) and intention to use online video platforms. Results show that people are watching less TV, yet the low disposable income might be a serious challenge toward the growth of video platforms. This study offers valuable indicators about changing consumer behavior in the research-weak transitional Egyptian media system.

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