Novel trends in extraction and optimization methods of bioactives recovery from pomegranate fruit biowastes: Valorization purposes for industrial applications

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Chemistry Department

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Sherine El-Shamy; Mohamed A. Farag

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Research Article

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Food chemistry

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Pomegranate biowastes present potential economic value worldwide owing to their several health benefits mediated by a complex mixture of unique bioactives. The exploitation of these bioactives has motivated the exploration of eco-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective extraction techniques to maximize their recovery. The current review aims to provide updated technical information about bioactives extraction mechanisms from pomegranate wastes (seeds and peel), their advantages and disadvantages, and factors towards optimization. A comparative overview of the modern green extraction techniques viz., supercritical fluid extraction, ultrasound-assisted extraction, microwave-assisted extraction, pressurized liquid extraction, and eutectic solvent mixture as alternatives to conventional extraction methods for seeds and peel is presented. Approaches focused on biowastes modification for properties improvement are also discussed. Such comprehensive review shall provide the best valorization practices of pomegranate biowastes and its application in food and non-food areas focusing on original methods, innovation, protocols, and development to be considered for other fruit biowastes.

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