Front dielectric and back plasmonic wire grating for efficient light trapping in perovskite solar cells

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Omar A. M. Abdelraouf; Ahmed Shaker; Nageh K.Allam

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Research Article

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Optical Materials

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Thin film perovskite solar cells (PSCs) based on (CH3NH3PbI3) have been emerged as good alternatives to conventional silicon solar cells due to their low cost, low fabrication temperature, high carrier collection efficiency, and high-power conversion efficiency (PCE). However, the small thickness of thin film solar cells limits light absorption compared to thick solar cells. In this work, we proposed a theoretical design for enhancing light absorption to achieve maximum theoretical photocurrent using front dielectric and back plasmonic wire grating. Using finite element method (FEM) three-dimensional optical model, the optimum size and periodicity of the studied wire grating nanostructures were identified. Additionally, the electrical model revealed a satisfactory enhancement in PCE over that of the planar structure counterpart. The simulation results showed an average enhancement of 22.4% in total generation rate for the entire simulated wavelength, and more than 85% enhancement in narrow-band wavelength compared to the planar structure counterpart.

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