Guest editorial: Special section on 2010 IEEE custom integrated circuits conference (CICC 2010)

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Electronics & Communications Engineering Department

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IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers

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Some of the research papers selected from the 2010 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC) held in San Jose, CA, September 2010, are presented. Kuang et al. reports a high-performance dual read port 8-way set associative 6T SRAM with a one clock cycle access latency, in a 32 nm metal-gate partially depleted SOI process technology for low-voltage applications. Waheed et al. propose a technique to improve the spur performance of time-to-digital converter in all-digital phase-locked loops, in particular in the integer-N operation mode. The paper by Zhang et al. discusses an analog integrated circuit to process signals in the emerging field of brain-computer interface applications. The next paper by Ranjbar and Oliaei discusses a low-pass dual-feedback continuous time modulator with a signal transfer function with low sensitivity to coefficients variation. The performance benefits and trade-offs of nonuniformly quantized ADCs applied to high speed serial receivers are explored in the last paper by Kim et al.

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