Fast and accurate PV model for SPICE simulation

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Electronics & Communications Engineering Department

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Hamdy Abdelhamid; Ahmed Edris; Amr Helmy; Yehea Ismail

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Research Article

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Journal of Computational Electronics

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This paper presents a complete model for photovoltaic modules able to accurately predict the I–V characteristics at different levels of temperature and irradiance. The model greatly reduces the computational effort needed to extract the five parameters of the one-diode model by applying five boundary conditions based on data provided by the manufacturer only. The model equations are reduced to only two simultaneous equations of two unknowns (series resistance, R s , and shunt resistance, R sh ), which converge in five iterations on average. The model parameters are extrapolated to account for temperature and irradiance variations. The model is matched very well with the experimental data obtained from different commercial PV modules. The proposed I–V model has least root mean square error of (0.0031) compared to other works. The model is implemented in Verilog-A to be used inside SPICE simulators. The model in Verilog-A is integrated in Cadence-SPECTRE circuit simulator and tested with a boost converter.

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