Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum-Carbon Nanotube Functionally-Graded Cylinders

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Ehab I. Salama; Sherry S.Morad; Amal M.Esawi

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Research Article

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In spite of strong theoretical interest, limited experimental studies have investigated the production of functionally-graded (FG) Aluminum-Carbon Nanotube (Al-CNT) composites. Such studies focused on axially-layered FG structures because of their ease of manufacturing. In order to take advantage of the full potential of FG Al-CNT, methods to fabricate bulk components of various shapes are needed. In the current work, Al-CNT functionally graded cylinders with varying CNT content along the radial direction were prepared for the first time. A novel and simple method was used to generate the composition gradient. The composite was designed to have 2 wt.% CNT at the cylinder surface where it can provide the highest strength and hardness. Pure as-received Al was placed at the core of the cylinders to provide overall ductility. The FG samples exhibited excellent bonding between the layers, increased strength and hardness at the surface in addition to a unique combination of high strength, hardness, and ductility, which exceeded those of homogeneous Al-CNT composites of the same composition.

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