Simultaneous determination of sildenafil citrate and some nitric oxide releasing drugs in human plasma using UPLC MS/MS

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Clinical Biochemistry

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Objective: The inadvertent combination of sildenafil (SLD) and nitric oxide releasing compounds (NRC) may cause a life threatening hypotension and conversion of coital angina into an irreversible one. The aim of this study was to develop and validate a UPLC MS/MS method for the simultaneous quantitative analysis of SLD, nicorandil (NRD), and ARG in human plasma to determine the safety margins for drug combinations. Design and method: Chromatographic elution was achieved in 4. min using gradient elution and an injection volume of 10. μL. Electro-spray positive ionization (ESI+ve) detection and multiple-reaction monitoring mode (MRM) were used for detection. Results: The method was found to be linear (10-900. ng/mL for SLD and NRD while 1-30. μg/mL for ARG), accurate and precise (99.35 ± 1.58, 99.62 ± 1.13, and 100.04 ± 1.22% for SLD, NRD and ARG; respectively) and met all other validation requirements. Conclusion: The developed UPLC MS/MS method is suitable for fast, sensitive, accurate and simultaneous determinations of SLD, NRD, and ARG in plasma. © 2014 The Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists.

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