Managing Organizational Paradoxes in Social Enterprises: Case Studies from the MENA Region

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Ayman Ismail; Brendon Johnson

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Research Article

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VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations

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This study aims to examine the question around how small- and medium-scale hybrid social enterprises within the context of the Middle East and North Africa manage paradoxical tensions they face in their everyday decision-making. By placing a lens on the unique hybrid processes facing organizational members rooted in traditional social and economic rationales, we seek to better understand the breadth of strategies adopted and their relevance to the specific contextual considerations of the study. Through analyzing five in-depth case studies from the region, the study aims to add insights on the practice of managing organizational paradoxes to maintain social-economic hybridity. We also introduce practical implications for managers and supporters of small- and medium-scale social enterprises.

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