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“Hat Horoof” approaches the idea of blending Arabic letters using two different directions. The first approach uses a system of connected letters that achieves the blend with the urban space, the system uses letters to form sentences which can be embedded within the environment as street seating. The seating that is made out of the word allows for an opportunity of interaction with the people and triggers a unique experience that differs from one person to the other and also differs from the single letters. A common design element is used to create a standardization in the measurements of the font and to create the consistency in design that eases the process of turning that word into a piece of furniture. The second approach of merging the letters is using the letters on their own without being in a sentence or combining them with other letters. This direction will allow for the usage of the letters’ shapes to design street furniture. Using the letter itself without a sentence requires the letter format to be edited and redesigned until it reaches a format that will make it a functional and comfortable piece of furniture and also allow it to smoothly blend but yet trigger an experience with the user. Examples of the street furniture that can be executed using this direction of design are street chairs/seating areas, beach showers, water fountains, garbage bins, etc.


Arts Department

First Advisor

Ahmad Saqfalhait

Second Advisor

Bahia Shehab

Third Advisor

Ghalia Elsrakbi

Committee Member 1

Bassem Yousri

Committee Member 2

Engy Aly

Committee Member 3

Mahamad Khalil



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This project is part of “ Zoom in Keda- Fourth Graduating Class of Graphic Design Students-The American University in Cairo – Class 2018-2019” catalog. Several global cities have acquired an international rep¬utation as design education hubs by acknowledging the importance of education planning and early learning ex¬periences through providing a structured career path and aligning design skills with the economy’s various needs. Our 8 years old Graphic Design program at the Ameri¬can University in Cairo aims to follow the same strategy, mentoring students on how to channel their creativity and knowledge into reshaping their communities, leaving a positive imprint on their society. Four design segments have been commonly defined in the MENA region’s design sector; namely: Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Industrial/Product Design. The title for the fourth design seniors show was “Zoom in Keda “. As with the previous 3 exhibitions, the title builds on the graphic design language in Egyptian vernacular cul¬ture. “Zoom in Keda” is a commonly used phrase in the de¬sign field, told when one wishes to examine the micro de¬tails of a design on screen. The exhibition was held at the AUC Sharjah Art Gallery on December 2nd, 2018, where bachelor projects completed by the fourth graduating class of Graphic Design students were displayed.


This record describes an artistic or creative work which was prepared as part of a course of study at the American University of Cairo. The creators retain all rights to the original artistic or creative works described herein.

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Fall 12-2-2018

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