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In early 2011, the citizens of Somalia became unable to access basic human necessities such as food and water until the situation changed dramatically, leading to the daily death of thousands of human beings. This research paper tackles the negative consequences resulting from the Al-Shabaab movement, a movement who has the belief that applying the Sharia (Islamic Law) is the only valid solution to any issue as it is supported by the Sunni Islam, political issues, and the delay of the famine’s declaration. This research begs several questions which are: what were the factors which led to Somalia’s famine in 2011? was bad governance to blame for the death of so many people? and was the drought the only reason leading to the passing of thousands? The paper argues that the substandard governance and the corruptive movements, which rule most of the country, were to blame for being the most factor that catastrophize Somalia’s situation, not the natural causes.

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