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Despite the ongoing debate on the usefulness of solar energy, it cannot be denied that Egypt has a high solar availability, and its energy can be used for water pumping, telecommunications, electrification, etc. Unfortunately, little has been done over the years to secure this sustainable type of energy. My paper will confirm my opinion of the importance and effectiveness of solar energy. It will also focus on how solar electricity will ensure electrification and the supply of safe drinking water. For millions around Egypt, electricity and safe drinking water are unavailable. Hence, harnessing the power of the sun through solar panels – a sustainable source of renewable energy – will lead to solving the issues of electrification and water supply in Egypt. I will conduct individual interviews and a focus group with the solar energy specialists of the Research Institute for a Sustainable Environment and other experts, since they have carried out projects pertaining to electrification and irrigation by way of solar panels. Moreover, a short survey of ten questions will be carried out where I will evaluate the AUC community’s acceptability to solar power in Egypt, and find out how much they know about the subject.

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