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While the number of street children in Egypt has been rapidly increasing over the past decades, it was not until very recently that it has started to attract attention and has been recognized as a problem of great magnitude requiring immediate action. In our research paper, we explore the phenomenon of street children in Egypt, its causes and the many greatly influencing factors, with the purpose of raising awareness of the issue. The project includes a study and close examination of the research made on this phenomenon in the form of a literature review. Once integrated with our primary research, it will evolve into a research based short story about street children in Egypt. By presenting our research in the form of a short story, we intend to raise awareness of the magnitude of this rapidly growing problem, by reaching an audience who react more greatly to a creative mode of expression. Hopefully, this research will not only raise awareness of the phenomenon of street children, but also examine possible effective approaches to combating such an intense and complex problem.

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