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While startups are considered an important potential contributor to Egypt’s economic growth, they encounter myriad challenges that hinder their ability to reach their potential, sustain their market presence, and their capacity to provide decent job opportunities. Challenges include the difficulty of locating and sustaining funding, the complicated legal and regulatory framework that governs them, the conservative social norms and culture, and the lack of data and information regarding market dynamics and existing opportunities. The research findings revealed that many startups face challenges with their Human Capital Management (HCM), in the planning, acquisition, development, or sanction functions. This policy paper examines Egypt’s current startup ecosystem, focusing on human capital management. The main research question is: what is needed for startups in Egypt to thrive, and more importantly, what can be done to help them provide more decent jobs? The paper adopts the “Decent work” framework presented by the ILO which defines a decent job as one that is of acceptable quality in terms of ensuring productivity, social protection, rights, and dialogue.


Startups; Entrepreneurship; Human Capital Management; Decent Jobs; Egypt; Startups Challenges; Entrepreneurship Ecosystem; Incubators; Entrepreneurs

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Laila El Baradei

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