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This paper is a simple and preliminary study of the extent of volunteerism culture in community of The American University in Cairo (AUC), focusing on community service student organizations.

A sample of 7 out of 9 community service student organizations were examined by a direct interview with their leaders, in addition to an interview with a concerned executive from AUC to be as a reference for the difference between AUC and students’ leaders is seeing the effectiveness of AUC support to them, which was found that most of the organizations are not satisfied with AUC, due to insufficient support from the AUC advisor, and insufficient funds. It is found that 4 out of 7 organizations are providing philanthropy and human development services, and that all except one are working both on- and off- campus, while only 2 organizations are recruiting only from AUC students exclusively. Finally, with an exception of one, all of them achieved tangible impact, and resulted in increase in awareness and participation in volunteering activities.


Volunteerism, Volunteering, University, Student Organizations, Community Service, The American University in Cairo, AUC, Gerhart Center

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Ali Awni

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12 p.