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Egypt faces an urgent public health crisis which is a shortage in its health workforce capacity. The main reason for the lack of health workforce retention is the working environment. The Ministry of Health has multiple options to improve the quality of the working environment for health workers. Three interrelated policy options are proposed in this brief: 1) Enhancing organizational trust, 2) providing financial and non-financial incentives, 3) Developing a digital human resource system providing multiple services.

Acknowledging the economic constraints, the suggested options are tailored to be cost-effective. Policymakers can start immediately with their trust repair and trust-building initiatives (by revising norms and practices). In parallel, they may gradually build a digital system for HR management in the MoHP. The electronic system would provide services like facilitating administrative procedures for staff and providing training as non-financial incentives.


Health Workforce Retention, Working Environment, Health Workers, COVID-19, Public Policy, Egypt


The paper is published by The Public Policy Hub - GAPP School (AUC), established in 2017:

Laila El Baradei (PI), Shahjahan Bhuiyan (Co-PI), Mohamed Kadry (Program Manager), Waleed El-Deeb (Senior Specialist), Ghadeer Ibrahim (Senior Outreach and Communications Specialist).

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Hisham Wahby

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