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Nahla Mahmoud


Public Policy & Administration Department

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The media plays a crucial role in defining and constructing the social problems (Parsons, 1995); if there is an agreement among the policymakers and the stakeholders on a certain problem, policies should be taken to resolve this problem. Although most of the literature acknowledged the role of the media in constructing the problems, there has been no agreement among them on its particular functions or role, its determinants and the ways of influence and impacts on making policies. Some scholars maximized the role of the media, other minimized it to the lower level and the rest put some determinants and constraints on that role, so according to these various visions concerning the role then the influence and impacts wouldn't be the same. The aim of this paper is to address the role of the media in general and the press specifically in the construction of the problem of the real estate in Egypt by focusing in the case of Madinaty and Palm Hills. The paper consists of two parts; each part consists of three sections. The first part constructs the problem theoretically by presenting the different literature tackling the role of the media in constructing the problems and the ways of influence. The second part of the paper will give an introduction on the current situation of the real estate sector and housing policies to highlight the seriousness of the problem. Furthermore, the media' role in constructing the problem in the case of Madinaty and Palm Hills by presenting newspapers' coverage to the issue and the aspects of influencing the policymakers' decisions.


Real estate, Madinaty, Public policy, Palm Hills, Egypt, News media

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El-Nur, Ibrahim


POLS 561

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24 p.