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Ingy Nazif


Computer Science & Engineering Department

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This paper explores how modern-day societies become dependent on surveillance through cameras and online social networks. This research aims to prove how young generations would rather accept the loss of privacy rather than taking decisive action to protect privacy. At first with the analysis of articles concerning risk perception, the legal status of privacy, and the typical media discourses about privacy. The method used in this research is primary research, through a survey given to two samples: University students and working adults. However the results are expected to be difficult to discuss since the samples are very different in age, social class, culture and education. This paper examines the perception difference between young generations and older generations, as well as the abuse that may occur if surveillance becomes too widespread to propose that additional research be conducted to attempt to find possible legal or practical methods to limit surveillance in a reasonable way.


Privacy, Risk perception, Security


I would like to express my gratitude to Professor Darwish, my research supervisor, for her guidance and valuable suggestions. I would also like express my thanks to Mr Phillip Sewell, who assisted me in sharing the survey. Finally, I would like to extend my thanks to my family and to Ramy Hamza for their support.

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Darwish, Sherin


RHET 1020

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