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Shereen Abd El Razek Kamel


International & Comparative Education Department

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The main aim of this review is to provide an overall picture of multigrade education; what it is about, its various forms, when it has emerged, where and why it is applied, and where and why it works best. I will try to explore how far the kind of education should fit the social context, whether we should stick to formal public education even if it is not working in some areas, and how far muligrade schooling can be an alternative developmental strategy to fill in the gaps of the public education system. This was a term paper I submitted in my first semester as an AUC graduate student pursuing my MA in International and Comparative Education; majoring in International Education Policy and Planning . Eventually, this paper became the backbone of my thesis and the starting point for a more solid literature review to which teacher preparation issues were later added in addition to the field work and the methodological tools involved in the research study itself, together with the findings, the data analysis and the proposed recommendations.


Education, Comparative education, Combination of grades, Education, Rural, Islamic education, Education, Community schools


Much appreciated the guidance and mentorship of my course instructor, esteemed professor, academic advisor and later my thesis advisor: Dr. Malak Zaalouk, in addition to the immense support and encouragement of my mom, my brother and my best friend. Dad, your unforgettable love and belief in my potentials will always be in the foreground.

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Zaalouk, Malak


EDUC 521

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