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Gamila EidFollow


Arts Department

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Third Culture kids are as a person who have spent a significant part of their development years outside their parent's culture. This research paper tackles different perspectives of Third Culture Kids' life and the challenges that they face. Including a deeper understanding of the main cause of these challenges and their relation to personal and cultural identity by searching for an answer to the most confusing question for a Third Culture Kid which is Where is home?

This paper can be considered as a guide for Third Culture Kids to understand their identity and how to accept their confusion around the question of where is home? giving them a chance to learn and understand more about their social identity along with getting the advantage of the way they were raised. In addition to a design solution that will give a chance to be fully aware of how this experience can be unique on its own.


Third Culture Kids, Home, Culture identity, Cross Cultural Kids, Belonging, Identity, TCK, ATCK

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Bahia Shehab


Senior Thesis - DSGN 4269

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