Max Hirzel


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Hello everyone, welcome and thank you for joining us today for our conversation with photojournalist Max Hirzel. Thank you Max for joining us. This virtual discussion is organised by The Photographic Gallery as part of its exhibition Stories of Displacement - A Tribute to Jacob Lawrence - that is currently on view at the gallery. This talk is part of our current exhibition Stories of Displacement, which features reproductions of the renowned Migration Series by the late African American artist Jacob Lawrence, and a selection of works from The Syrian Migration series by Lebanese American artist Helen Zughaib, as well as the video work Liquid Traces by forensic Oceanography. The exhibition is open on weekdays from 11am until 3pm, until April, 8th. It is open for the public, but if you are not an AUC student, please make sure to fill out the form to book a gallery visit. Max Hirzel is a free-lance photojournalist based in Italy. He is a member of the French agency Haytham Pictures. His works have been published in magazines such as Six Mois, Polka magazine, Der Spiegel, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, BBC online, Sportweek, among others.