Over the last decades, social capital was granted a big recognition in development studies, as an intangible resource that stems from the density and quality of human interactions, social exchanges and relations. Such relations have been suggested through the wide literature of social sciences, to have positive effects on various outcomes; namely, education, economic, civic participation, governance, civil society and well-being. Coupled with voluntary associations, social capital and civil society were framed in a complementary perspective, to help fostering the process of development. In fact, social capital defined as networks together with shared norms and values for common objectives, has as its major component the value of trust. While encompassing many other features and attributes, the author will focus on studying three aspects of indicators of social capital; which are trust, cooperation and collective action and volunteerism. This paper examines the actual role of civil society that is the potential contribution of its associations, to build social capital for development, in Egypt. Two community-based development associations are subject of the research: ‘Misr El-Mahrousa Balady’ and ‘Peace and Plenty’.


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MA in Development Studies

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Elnur, Ibrahim

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Bhuiyan, Shahjahan

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Sika, Nadina

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