The thesis discusses the impact of political violence represented by the 25th of January 2011 Uprising whether political, economic, institutional or legal violence, on domestic violence against women. The thesis also approaches social violence as it intersects with both political and domestic violence. So, the interaction between political and social violence, and domestic violence against women will be analyzed to find out how they interact and in what ways domestic violence against women is affected by both variables. Previous research work highlighted the relation between political and social violence or the relation between social and domestic violence with little attention to the impact of political violence on domestic violence against women; how political, social and domestic violence interact, and how social and domestic violence impede women’s political participation. The research methodology would be through interviewing and surveying female survivors from spousal violence whether divorced, separated or married and being exposed to marital violence within the thesis time frame from urban and rural communities. The thesis concludes that there is an impact of political violence on domestic violence against women. Additionally, it was inferred that political, social, and domestic violence limit women’s political participation in elections and demonstrations. Recommendations included reforming policies that protect women in family; enforcing gender equality at all fronts; raising men’s awareness of violence issues; providing better social, psychological and financial support for domestic violence female survivors.


School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Degree Name

MA in Women and Gender Studies

First Advisor

El Hedeny, Amany Massoud

Committee Member 1

Barssoum, Ghada

Committee Member 2

Bahi, Riham

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