This thesis will analyze the policy of cross-strait rapprochement and negotiation that the administration of Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou has pursued with mainland China in relation to Taiwan's de facto sovereign independent status. The initial focus of this thesis will be on the evolution of Taiwan's political identity in the broader historical context of its relationship with China and the One China principle. This will include an analysis of the US-Taiwan relationship and Taiwan's position in international institutions. I will then analyze the Ma administration's China policies, dialogues, and agreements. I will specifically focus on the negotiations for and establishment of ECFA â the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement â and the economic integration this entails. In this context, I will focus on Taiwan's regional and international political and economic position and implications for the future.


School of Humanities and Social Sciences

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MA in Political Science

First Advisor

Ivekovic, Ivan

Committee Member 1

Maswood, Javed

Committee Member 2

Glavanis, Pandeli

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