This thesis is an attempt to develop a software program designed to enhance reading skills of learners of Modern Standard Arabic at the high intermediate level. This is one of the very few attempts at creating CALL programs for Arabic learning, a medium that is in dire need of development if Arabic language teaching is to keep up with future trends in second language learning as a whole. Research was conducted on how reading skills can best be developed through traditional means as well as on how CALL programs might achieve better and faster results than those traditional means. The CALL program designed for this thesis is based on this research. The program attempts to improve top-down reading strategies, in addition to providing helpful tips to the learner in all aspects of language – vocabulary, comprehension, connectors, transitions and syntax – at the touch of a button. It further provides immediate feedback to correct language errors as they occur in the learning process, which research shows is the most useful kind of feedback. The main software program used in the design of the program was Authorware version 6. This created a major problem for the author of the program because it was discovered later on that Authorware is not Arabic-enabled. The author recommends that future projects find a software that is Arabic-enabled and that any future author ensure that instruction in software used is available. This will cut down on time consumption dramatically. It is noted that further tests should be carried out on a wider user pool to study the program’s usefulness and in order to refine and improve it.


School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Degree Name

MA in Teaching Arabic as a Foreigh Language

Date of Award

Spring 2004

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First Advisor

ElGibali, Alaa

Committee Member 1

Effat, Ragia

Committee Member 2

Mahfouz, Suheir

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87 leaves


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