This thesis tries to answer twomain questions. The first is why a developing country like Egypt needs Heavy Industrialization? And the second is what are the best strategies to achieve such an industrialization drive? These two questions are being tackled through a theoritical analysis using the Structuralist, Neoclassical and Institutional perspectives. A special focus is put on specific heavy industrial sectors of potential or strategic value in Egypt namely: Steel, Aluminum, Petrochemicals and Machinery. Moreover, three different heavy industrialization experiences of three NICs are being analyzed, each of which had a different heavy industrialization strategy. These are namely: South Korea, Brazil and India. Then a final discussion is conducted on how a Heavy Industrialization drive could be achieved with the collaboration of the efforts of the government, private sector and MNCs.


School of Humanities and Social Sciences


Political Science Department

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MA in Political Science

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Parfitt, Trevor

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Parfitt, Trevor

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El-Nur, Ibrahim

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177 p.


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