I would like to thank my committee that made writing this thesis a real enjoyment and a fruitful learning process. My committee did not reserve any effort to help me focus on every single detail pertaining to my arguments. They provided me constantly with perspectives and references to deepen my engagement with the subject, suggested new angles and ideas to reinforce the reasoning of my case. They were supportive all the way and extremely passionate about the topic of my thesis and the larger field of my study. I am deeply grateful for Dr. Hanan Sabea, my advisor whom I consider an extraordinary example of an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and open minded professor. Thanks to her advice and observations, I could complete my research and writing process the way I always dreamt. She gave me lot of insights, yet lot of freedom to articulate my own visions and analyses embodied in this text. She was committed to make the administrative steps as smooth as possible and allow this research to unfold within a friendly and optimistic milieu. I am very indebted to my family who brought me up in a liberal environment that encouraged me to wonder about the nature of the world and human existence. I will always respect how my father and mother accepted and supported my career shift from medicine to human sciences and art as my true and genuine passion. I will also remember how they dealt with all my frustrations and achievements with much care and sensitivity and respected my individual choices and opinions. I will always be grateful to my father who warmly embraced my passion for knowledge and my questioning of life, since the years of my early childhood and continuing until the present with the same determination and love. Also, I thank my dear husband for being with me through all the journey of my research and kindly offering his help in reading my drafts and offering incisive comments and lucid remarks. I am really grateful and cherish the beautiful moments I have everyday with him and our lovely daughter Alya. Thanks to these moments, I could overcome many difficult stages of this research and regain the energy to proceed in my work. Eventually, I need to mention that I chose this topic and started my work in an attempt to understand and provide an interpretation for social and political phenomena in my country. Through this attempt, I came to realize more and more my love for this place and my commitment towards its concerns and struggles. Thanks to this thesis, I am more at peace with my position and affirmed about my passion.


School of Humanities and Social Sciences

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MA in Sociology-Anthropology

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First Advisor

Sabea, Hanan

Committee Member 1

Sabea, Hanan

Committee Member 2

Westmoreland, Mark

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121 p.


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