In today's media, international broadcasting is a tool to communicate with a world wide audience. Most of the networks, especially those that are linked with their country's government, try to use their international channels to deliver national policy or want to convey certain important factors of their home culture to nations all over the world e.g. language.

The question of broadcast content is a very controversial issue. That is why in this thesis the researcher has focused on the content of the German TV network Deutsche Welle TV Arabia in order to analyze what kind topics the channel focuses on in the Middle East and if the channel is participating in the two-way-communication of cross-cultural understanding.

The researcher conducted a content analysis on DW-TV Arabia in order to study the topic choices of the broadcasts. In addition to that, she also carried out 4 in-depth interviews with media experts in Cairo.

The results of the content analysis have shown that DW-TV Arabia is not mainly focusing on broadcasting its programs in Arabic. Except for its hard news, which broadcast daily next to German and English also in Arabic, the majority of topics are serving the European interest.


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Spring 6-1-2008

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Television programs


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