This thesis studies adaption in Egyptian television. Specifically studying how Egyptian youth perceive the idea of Arabizing sitcoms, what their preferences are in comparison to American sitcoms, and how successful do they see the experience of Arabizing American sitcoms. It also studied the impact of the Egyptian (Arabized) sitcoms on the behavior and lifestyle of Egyptian youth.

A non-probability purposive sample of 403 Egyptian youth was tested. The sample consisted of both males and females almost evenly distributed between both sexes and between all age groups. The sample was tested using a questionnaire.

Results of this study showed that Egyptian youth prefer American sitcoms more than Egyptian sitcoms, which they happen to mostly see as a weak imitation of American sitcoms. The impact of Egyptian sitcoms on Egyptian youth was found minimal. Very few of our sample were likely to imitate anything in Egyptian sitcoms.


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MA in Journalism & Mass Communication

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Fall 12-1-2008

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Hussein Amin

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Hanzada Fikry

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Hassan Ragab

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Situation comedies (Television programs)

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Television and youth


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