Editorial content is the most visible part of public relations for their effectiveness and credibility. Public relations practitioners have asserted the superiority of news editorial over advertising. This belief is based on the credibility of the third party endorsement.

Luxury hotels segment is one of Egypt's most productive sectors that is supported by a number of dynamic public relations professionals. These practitioners play an integral part in the field to actively influence publics' perception, media and community in order to enhance hospitality business.

A purposive sample of public relations managers and key decision makers within the luxury hotels sector was considered in this thesis to offer insight whether editorial content outperforms advertising in their business. Intensive interviews and survey are used in this research.

Based on this study, the stronger effect of editorial content draws the attention for its worth of credibility will affect the public relations practice in the field of luxury hotels business in Egypt. The study is limited to luxury hotels sector. Editorial content is a significant part in public relations; its purpose is to build an image, to leverage the brand and to solve crisis. Therefore, further experimental studies are required to re-examine this claim. In addition, extended research should be conducted to explore other sectors.


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