Construction industry around the world is facing a huge revolution in terms of number of executed projects. Projects are no longer simple ones managed by few persons. Commercial buildings, high rise towers and bridges are being built everywhere. The majority of these projects are complex ones that face a lot of obstacles. Delays are one of the major obstacles that construction projects face and are very likely to occur. Generally, claims are the result of any delay in the construction progress. To be able to analyze the claim and assign the responsibility, the analyst has to perform a delay analysis. When dealing with large construction projects having a great number of activities and relationships, delay analysis process is considered as a very complicated, costly and time consuming task. Moreover, concurrent delays represent a large obstacle.

The objective of this study is to develop a user friendly computer software that is capable of performing the delay analysis for construction projects' schedules produced by a scheduling tool. The software analysis method is based on an intensive literature review. The second objective is the development of general equations covering all type of logical relationships that could link schedules activities which with or without lags. The Primavera is used as the source of input data of the software. The software is provided with two database files generated from Primavera to perform the analysis and produce a delay analysis report. The software development goes through two steps: validation and verification. The validation stage is made by comparing the software results to three examples whose results are already in hand from the literature. The verification stage is achieved by running the software on an actual project schedule with large number of activities and relationships. Then, the results produced from the software shall be compared with the delay analysis performed by the project staff.

Throughout the research, the software has successfully passed the validation stage by producing identical results to the published ones. Moreover, it has passed the verification step by producing results that match the project staff's delays interpretations. The developed software is capable of performing the delay analysis process for large construction projects schedules with a large number of activities in a systematic methodology and by interacting with a scheduling software.


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Fall 5-18-2006

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