This study examines the sports satellite channels in Egypt and the Arab world. It discusses the history of these channels which is relatively new in this part of the region. These channels have been introduced with the introduction of the NileSat in 1998 and are still developing until this moment. This study aims to understand the role that the sports satellite channels play in the life of Arabs. It also aims to understand the way Arabs use these channels and the gratifications they get out of watching them. The main reason that lead the sports satellite channels to become very important in the life of Arabs, is the fact that Arabs are fond of the football game. These channels have given the Arab fans a chance to view their beloved game through Arabic channels that not only presents international events, but also Arabic events as well. The study points out the important role that sports channels play in this part of the region. They have introduced people to other sports that became also familiar and popular in the Arab World. The study points out the fact that the sports satellite channels do not transmit sports for the sake of it, there are hidden economic and political reasons behind the spread of these channels. The main point that this study mentions is the new phenomenon of buying the rights of transmissions of tournaments and monopolizing these rights to obtain higher audience. This competition between the sports channels is considered an awaiting danger for the audience. The results that come out of these competition are the encrypted channels that viewers have to pay a lot of money in order to view.

This study aims to understand more about these competitions and to understand the ways that the audience as well as the channel owners get affected from this new phenomenon. This is mentioned in details in the case study of this research where the case of the monopolization of the ART sports channel to the world cup 2006 is mentioned in details. Although this study points out the danger that these sports channels carry for their audience, it also points out the importance of these channels to the future of sports in Egypt and the Middle East. The study shows how the sports channels have lead to the spread of the awareness of sports in this part of the region and how these sports channels have become essential in the lives of the Arabs.


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