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Women's health services


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Health communication campaigns are essential for promoting behavioral change of the Egyptian population to improve their health, prevent illness and the transmission of diseases. Special emphasis is put on the health areas of family planning and reproductive health, maternal and child health, infectious disease and healthy lifestyles. Appropriate understanding of the public as regards of perceptions, knowledge, and health related practices and culture is required for good planning of communication strategies.

The purpose of my study is to identify message content, which responds to the health demands of young married couples in Egypt., and the choice of an appropriate communication channel through which the message can be effectively delivered according to the health topic discussed. The study is a qualitative research, through which data was collected from young married couples residing in rural and urban areas of Minya Governorate in Upper Egypt.

Results showed that health topics of interest to females like family planning, reproductive health and maternal and child health are better discussed in seminars to gibe them the chance to find answers for all their questions. Males prefer television as a source of information for the same topics. In regards to the infectious disease component, males and females prefer to get their information from the doctor directly, as they realize the seriousness of the issue. Concerning information about a healthy lifestyle, educated males and females prefer small booklets, while less educated prefer television and seminars.

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