Globalization is just an Americanized new mode of western hegemonic imperialism that used to dominate not only the periphery's lands through armies but also and more essentially to control minds. However, the American Hegemonic brand is just continuing the mission of the earlier European and particularly British imperialism. Various agencies of socialization and social control are the most effective tools that usually yield great deal of power to whoever controls them. Using a lot of sources we portray how education- among various agencies of socialization and social control- was launched to produce generations of culturally defeated, mentally colonized and submissive Muslims, Arabs and Egyptians, with an "overdose" to the elites and semi-elites, who in many cases carried the flag of western European and American hegemonization and followed the steps of their global masters. As a case study, we present questionnaires to several graduates, former undergraduate students plus some professors of the American University in Cairo to see their own perspectives, experiences and observations, to which extent they think that some syllabi, some instructors and/or some social activities in AUC are attempting to make students less loyal to Islamic culture and more loyal to the American one.

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