My research centers around the daily realities and lives of three women of one family in Ma'sarah, Cairo. The particularities of their life experiences speak to the experience of Egyptian women in general, while their own unique situation as Evangelical Christians in a majority Muslim country sets them apart from both their Muslim and Coptic neighbors, about whom much has been written. Various methods are used to illuminate their perception of life with a focus on gender identity. The written prose captures their personal narratives while the visual narrative, a documentary film, allows the women to speak for themselves. Together the two media permit a better view into the women's lives, educating readers while simultaneously allowing them to identify with the women's experiences. In this manner the thesis transcends barriers of culture, race, ethnicity, space, and religion.

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MA in Sociology-Anthropology

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Spring 2-22-2006

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Cynthia Nelson

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Pandeli Glavanis

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Malak Rouchdy

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gender identity

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