The study of Sylvia Plath's poetry sheds light on the various approaches that can be used to read the crisis of the self in Plath's poetry. It reveals the latent power and talent of a woman poet who fought against the male tradition to express her voice and demand full recognition. Plath's late poems can be approached in different ways. The thesis examines the existential dilemma of the modern poet in a world of confusion and the psychology of defense against death and suffering in the feminist struggle against the other. These approaches are used to account for the richness and strength of Plath's poetry. Plath's life circumstances are shown to have provided her with a unique understanding of herself and to have provided her with material for her confessional poetry. This study allows us to see Plath through a new dimension that combines elements from various disciplines in order to demonstrate that her work is inseparable from the life of the poet.


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