New communities have not yet received the attention of researchers, and especially, sociologists, as they are considered to be 'less authentic', nor has the concept of social networks in such new communities been dealt with yet. What the different types of social networks are, and how they are formed in such communities is the main objective of this thesis, taking the city of New Borg Al Arab as a case study. The formation of social networks is affected by social status, such as urban/ rural background, age, gender, educational level, life cycle, etc..

Some examples of new communities in Egypt and other countries are given compared to the community of New Borg Al Arab City. There are also different types of social networks that have different bases, like family ties, kinship relations, friendship, etc.. this thesis explores the different factors affecting the formation of social network in New Borg Al Arab City as well as the various types of networks that emerge within this new community.

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Masters of Arts in Sociology-Anthropology

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