This essay aims to analyze the project of the Egyptian feminist movement in the legal arena to achieve equality for women under the Egyptian laws focusing on the right of divorce and polygamy. lt seeks to examine the most liberal interpretations towards these two questions. The essay assesses many of the methodologies used differently from feminist groups and its focal point were the lslamic legal interpretations according to the Egyptian legal system. The essay provides an innovative classification for feminist movement in Egypt. This classification is based on criticism of other available classifications and their legal tools every group have with presenting to case studies fro each group of this essay's classification. This essay is divided into four parts. Part one: examined different legal methodologies for legal interpretations of the Egyptian laws. Part two: provided a critical analysis for the Egyptian feminist movement and the classification of this essay's writer utilizes. Part three: is for the case studies for every group. Part four is the conclusion and recommendations, with two appendixes for the Egyptian laws. Decree Law No.25 / 1929, concerning Certain Personal Status Provisions as amended by Law No. I 00/ 1985 and Law No.1/2000 promulgating the Procedural Personal Status Law on Reorganization of Certain Terms and Procedures of Litigation in Personal Status matters.


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