This thesis is intended to investigate and study various types of single-mode fiber optic sensors. Single-mode fibers will be first defined and understood in order to proceed. We will provide a description of their geometry, the method by which they propagate light and how they can be utilized as sensors. Attention will also be paid to the nature of the optical components used with single-mode fibers, such as: optical sensors and detectors. Since single-mode fiber sensors depend essentially on the interference and the coherence of light, they will also be discussed. Finally, three different single-mode fiber sensor setups will be reviewed and their performances and limitations will be studied experimentally. The three single-mode fiber sensors are: polarimetric sensors, laser velocimeters, and single-mode interferometric sensors. These three setups will be able to detect: velocity, acoustic or elastic changes, and pressure.


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MS in Physics

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Winter 2-22-2006

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Amr Shaarawi

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Hosny Omar

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Mahmoud Hammam

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Optical fiber detectors.


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